Garage renovations in East and West Sussex, home office conversion, gym conversion, car show room and man caves. The space you've always dreamed of... At home...
Garage renovations in East and West Sussex, home office conversion, gym conversion, car show room and man caves. The space you've always dreamed of... At home...

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Ceiling - Low maintenance: 

We have devised a unique ceiling system, whereby we can turn your dull, dingy, dark, cold garage into a bright room you actually want to be in.
The ceiling is pre-finished and easy to clean in the future, with no further maintenance needed.

We can also offer cladding with chrome strips, to give that extra lustre.
All finished in brushed nickel led downlights (or whatever light fitting you require) to really complete the look. 

Lighting options: 

Whether you would prefer LED spotlights,  IP65 rated non corrosive LED fitting or a chandelier.

Garage Tech can complete your transformation with your desired lighting requirement.

Audio systems: 

Why not add sounds to your garage too. As part of the ceiling system we can install Bluetooth speakers that fit flush with the ceiling surface. You can then connect your smart phone, tablet or Amazon Echo to the garage. Perfect if you plan to it as a gym, office or simply just listen to music in your new space.
There are a wide range of speakers we can offer depending on your budget and requirements.


Flooring Coverings: 

GYM style - Want to turn your garage into an amazing home gym or personal training space. Why not install any number of gym style floorings, with various options in styles, colours, thickness and price.


Quartz tile - Create a huge WOW factor, with either black or white galaxy quartz floor tiles. Installed along with the led spotlights, which give your garage a real sense of luxury. 


Acrylic tiles - Cover your concrete floor in interlocking strong acrylic tiles, in any colour or design to give an amazingly unique effect. 


INDUSTRIAL FINISH - We can paint your floor with industrial epoxy two part paint in any colour you can imagine, giving an extremely tough and durable coating, which is easy to clean. 

Wall Art:

Create something really special and enhance whatever you use the space for by having wall art using either giant stickers or designer wall paper. These can be produced in almost any size or colour. 

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